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"Pulls" for January 18

Call me weird, but I always love seeing what everyone buys & reads each week, so I'll share my purchases for the week. It's a HUGE (re: expensive) week for me, I'm just grateful last week was a non-week comic-wise.

I'm not a sit-down-and-read-them-all-in-one-sitting type of person with comics, I usually 'savor' them by reading around two or three a day. That way I feel like I'm getting my moneys worth (hey, I never claimed it made sense) and I get to appreciate the story/art instead of rushing through it.
However I'll try to speed it up so I actually have a reason to update this blog... please leave a comment if there are particular titles you'd like an in-depth review of so I can read & review those first.

For now... my pulls this week- with pointless comments and pretty scans!!

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Marvel Knights 4 #25 & #26 by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Valentine Delandro, Batt A great Fantastic Four series that's completely overlooked for some strange reason. I can't get into the "big" F4 book but this title and Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four are a lot of fun and not steeped in confusing continuity crap. #25 starts off a new storyline.
All-Star Superman #2 by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely My 2nd most anticipated issue this week (maybe for the month?) I love the idea of starting a Superman series from scratch however you want- and not devoting issues to the backstory EVERYONE knows. Breathtaking artwork, wonderful characterization and an engaging plot makes this one a MUST own.
Action Comics #835 by Gail Simone & John Bryne Simone is one of my favorite writers, and I love what she's done on this title. I usually can't stand Lois Lane, as most writers can't seem to show her being strong willed and independant without being a pushy bitch. Simone's portrayal of her is the first I've liked, and I also dig the relationships she's set-up at The Daily Planet. I'm so sad that her run is ending soon, I'm not a huge fan of Bryne's but the stories have been A+. Last month's return of the Queen of Fables was terrific and some of Simone's best writing to date.

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Batgirl #72 by Andersen Gabrych & Francisco Rodriguez De La Fuente I feel almost betrayed that Batgirl is ending soon, I've been so very loyal and it was always one of my top 5 monthly reads. I can't say I've been thrilled with Cassandra's whole mother search (is it humanly possible to draw it out any longer?!?) but I really enjoyed the short team-up with Mr. Freeze and I'll still miss this title.
Birds of Prey #90 by Gail Simone & Paulo Siqueira + Adam Dekraker Ah, Oracle coming clean to dad and Calculator's continued stalking of her is great- and that's only part of what's going on in this issue. Since Simone also wrote it, I love the current tie-ins with the Villians United mini-series- in addition to the Calc we get fan favorite Deathstroke featured in this ish. They're done just right here and it's actually cohesive.
Ex Machina #17 by Brian K. Vaughan & Tony Harris I just recently discovered this amazing series through the trades, and decided to start here since a brand-new storyline begins this issue. Yep, that's all I got, sorry.
Generation M #3 by Paul Jenkins w/ Roman Bachs I already reviewed this title, so I'll spare you one this week. I'll just say I HATE the cover- I mean, using The Blob is never a good
aesthetic choice, but it's just terrible in every way. Who designed the "House of M" and "Decimation M" logos anyway? Ugly, blah, and ugly.
Infinite Crisis #4 by Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez & George Perez Everyone else is already talking about this one, huh? Well... I bought the Perez cover, if anyone was interested.
JLA #124 by Bob Harras &
Tom Derenick I hate hate hate hate hate this current "World Without A Justice League" storyline. Every since that hokey spiritual hand holding ceremony kicked it off I have been confused and angered. They get rid of my man Martian Manhunter- and focus on the dull and insipid Manitou Dawn? Who the hell is Manitou Dawn anyway?!? This is heavily connected into the INFINITE CRISIS (the only reason I'm forcing myself through this storyline) and they focus on some dippy character nobody knows or likes? If she turns out to be a savior or ending up a martyr, I'm gonna need a sit down with Mr. Harras.
Manhunter #18 by
Marc Andreyko & Javier Pina w/ Fernando Blanco This series is so awesome. I love the new direction with Manhunter working for Mr. Bones (he was from the JSA books, right?) and all the secrets surrounding the men in her life look like they'll lead up to something killer.
She-Hulk #4 by Dan Slott & Scott Kolins I guess this issue is a sequel to something called "
THE AVENGERS: SEARCH FOR SHE-HULK" according to, and I've never even heard of that. I hate it when they do that. But I love you Shulkie, so I'll tough it out. I really dislike Kolins art though, it's too messy for me and Shulkie just doesn't look good in teased-out Dolly Parton hair. Also, she looks constipated on the cover- what's up with that?

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X-Statix Presents Deadgirl by Peter Milligan & Mike Allred My MOST anticipated title this week, month... heck, I've been waiting for this since October! I'm actually still catching up on X-Statix with the trades, so I'm waiting to read this until I gobble those up. Or does it really impact it if I don't? I mean, dude! Doctor Strange is on the cover! This cover definitely wins "Coolest Cover of the Month" from me hands down... You know, I really think my love of Mike Allred's creations is starting to border on obsession, but can you really blame me?


Blogger Charles said...

I swear I will make it out of my house soon and venture to a comic book store, shipping fees are starting to kill me (considering how broke I have been lately!) That one comic site you suggested seems really good though for ordering comics, probably a little better than my current Ebay exploits.

12:17 AM  
Blogger The Burger List said...

Wow, this blog is amaaaazing. I need to friggin' catch up on my comics. The Deadgirl series sounds pretty awesome, I'd like to check that out. I also can't find that Red Rocket 7 one anywhere, but I'll keep hunting!

I guess this is a pretty awesome opportunity to branch out from just X-Men comics. Although... the Ultimate X-Men series was sooo damn good!

(this is Roman, by the way, don't bother reading my "blog", it's way old and sort of a project with my friends)

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