Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shulkie, Horror Icons and Unions

I am a huge horror movie fan, I used to read every issue of Fangoria and dream of Argento. So naturally it'd follow that I'm obsessed with the Evil Dead trilogy and Re-Animator. So when Army of Darkness vs. The Re-Animator was announced I was... kinda skeptical. As much as I've wanted to love them, I've been underwhelmed by Dynamite Entertainment's Army of Darkness miniseries (and of course the nerd complaint of using the title of the most mainstream film of the trilogy when the story usually follows Evil Dead 2 the most.) They seem to focus mostly on the art- which IS great- but the stories are usually thin and full of second rate Ash-isms. But I've really been digging this team-up with ole' Herbert West, the story is interesting, creepy as hell and the brand-new secondary characters are actually well fleshed out and interesting. In issue #3 Ash and two people that claim to be "followers" of his (playing on the story that Ash is legendary to many, and he knows nothing about it) trying to get out of an insane asylum that's been, um, deadite-ized. It's a lot of fun and I'm actually looking forward to see how it ends. Just... please, can we cut down on the variant covers? Yes they're nice, but they'd be just as nice as pin-ups in the back of the comic.

She-Hulk #3, which is her 100th issue when combined with her "Savage" and "Sensational" series from the 80's. To celebrate, we have almost every major Marvel character in a cameo talking about how she's impacted their lives. Why? Well if you've been reading the lastest series, Shulkie's broken some time traveling laws and has a trial to decide whether or not she'll be erased from ALL CONTINUITY! There's lots of in-jokes for longtime readers of titles such as The Avengers and Fantastic Four, and while I collect the issues of both series She-Hulk's appeared in- I'm not a longtime Marvel reader, so most of the jokes went over my head. But Dan Slott still makes the story accessible and funny for everyone, bless him. We also get a ton of different artists illustrating this, my personal favorite being ERIC POWELL, who does my favorite modern comic THE GOON. In this super-packed issue we also get issues #1 of both The Savage She-Hulk (which is her origin story) and The Sensational She-Hulk.

This series is getting great buzz but I think most people assume something called "she-hulk" will be a stupid waste of time, which is a shame. Dan Slott is also one of my new favorite writers in this medium, he's hilarious and full of pop culture references while at the same time making really unique stories full of richly made characters. He's also behind the brand new The Thing series, which is just as funny and as topical as Shulkie's. It's on issue #2, so you still have time to get caught up on both of these ace series!

Oh, and the lastest ish of The Goon was perfect. After a backstory issue and the 25 cent origin story, I've been itchin' for a new adventure, and we got a great self-contained one. Using union bureaucracy to fight zombies is a funny and fresh idea in comics, and it's made even funnier for the fact that it'd most likely get down to signing contracts if there was ever a zombie problem in real life. The letters column was extra-long and extra-extra-insane however, filled with porn stars and letters from people like Frank Darabont ranting about what a jerk Eric Powell is. If you're not reading this book... then you're just wrong.

For the holidays I got mucho gift certificates, which I basically blew all on trade paperbacks. Ones I've recently finished and highly recommend are Manhunter: Street Justice (an intelligent and very adult series), Superman: True Brit (a fun look at what if that krytonian baby landed in England, with great jabs at the rabid tabloids over there) and The Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol. 1. AJB is a pretty weird, quirky series that's an acquired taste, but once you get one it's quickly addictive.

Well that's all for now, since nobody is reading this I'm keeping it skimpy for now. Thanks for reading me, me. You're a real trouper, and I love what you've done with your hair!


Blogger Charles said...

Thank you for your honest and personal reviews of these comics. I was really excited honestly when I heard about the new AOD series and its good to hear that it is atleast worth reading. I have only read issue one so far myself and can't wait to read them all! Superman: True Brit really excited me as well due to the fact that John Cleese had a hand in the story! Can't wait to pick that up! Keep up the good work, and when you are ready to promote this blog and get some big time audience let me know... I will help ya!

4:34 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Did The Thing get better with issue 2? I read #1 and found it really boring, which is even more disappointing since I enjoy Dan Slott's work and Benjy always was my favorite member of the FF.

8:20 AM  

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