Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Superman & Wonder Woman: The Happy Issues!

Contains Spoilers from Infinite Crisis #4
Adventures of Superman #48 This is my last issue of this series as I've decided to drop it, and I must say it was an ace issue to go out on. It seems almost every Big Title book out right now is depressing and focusing on how bad and weak the heroes are, so the fact that this issue centers on how Superman actually IS inspiring and how people can work together in a crisis was a refreshing change.

After Bludhaven was attacked and almost completely destroyed by Chemo, Superman comes to help as he's the only one who can withstand the high toxicity in the air (you know, being an alien and all.) We also get cameos ahoy, including Nightwing, two Green Lanterns, a few Teen Titans and the Huntress. The story is written completely in the style of an article written by Lois Lane, and there is absolutely no dialouge. This works surprisingly well and was a cool idea, the prose really sums up everything that's going on in the panel and the emotions that go along with it. I couldn't help but make comparisons to a few parts to the devastation that followed last years hurricanes from hell, which (in a sad way) gave this stand-alone issue more impact. One thing I really dug in this is a small box that sums up the death tolls in recent disasters in the DC Universe. Helpful, and it really puts the whole Crisis thing in perspective. Here's the stats:
San Diego sinks: 13,700 dead
Gotham Quake: 5,057 dead
Coast City destroyed: 7,000,000 dead
Chemo destroys Bludhaven: 100,068

Even though I'm dropping the title, I've enjoyed the few issues I did read and this one was probably my favorite. Highly recommended if you are at all interested in what Bludhaven looks like now.

Contains Spoilers from Infinite Crisis #3
Wonder Woman #225 After the events of the last few issues, with the OMAC attacks on Paradise Island then the Island actually... dissapearing, this issue was like a breather. A bunch of Goddess, lead by Lady Pallas, have been watching Diana and summon her to apparently have a talk with her. Pallas is pretty angry with Wonder's decision to stay behind with us jerkwad's that don't appreciate her and losing her Amazon paradise. That's a really good question.

After the pow-wow with them Diana returns to Earth to dismiss her OTHER crew- the one that works at the Themyscira House where she's ambassador. Her ideals are very noble in this issue (she does it because she has HOPE!) which is wonderful for the character, but it won't end well. We have one issue left until "One Year Later" and since Diana's been the whipping post through the Crisis, I can only see it get worse. Dammit.

Rant Rant Rant Rant! This issue was a welcome change from the negativity and hero-bashing as of late- and we especially needed it for Wonder Woman. Since the Crisis started she has been by far demonized the most. She's the one that was chosen to be the murderer, and have all her "friends" treat her like a villian even though she was doing nothing wrong. Then it hurts her politcally, and then the OMACS come to Paradise Island, and in order to save the Amazons Diana will never see the Island again. Oh, and she gets her book cancelled. Batman has by far screwed things over the most (it's absically his fault that there IS a Crisis right now) Superman has been mostly a passive whiney baby, but they see fit to act like they're gods and can pass judgement on Wonder Woman for this one event- and she killed a psycho murderer that was controlling Superman's mind. To me, Diana has been the only one out of the Big Three that HAS been a real hero- not to mention she actually IS a Goddess.


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